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Priced to ensure SAFETY and RESULTS.

At Bear’s Den Fitness, you will be taught how to do functional movements with the correct form. You will learn how to gain mobility and flexibility, in turn, allowing you to gain strength and power. You will be challenged mentally, physically, and in some cases, emotionally. Bear’s Den Fitness classes will build grit and determination, discipline, and perseverance.

We welcome anyone and everyone to come and check us out. We’ll run you through some workouts and see if it’s right for you. You commit to a contract with no “sign-up fee” or any other side fees. If you are committed to this program for a minimum of three months, I can absolutely promise that you will see results. If you don’t believe me, I will introduce you to a variety of people who have experienced life-changing results.

Give us a call to find out which membership option works best for you!

Schedule an Orientation one-on-one session

  • In order to get the most out of your Orientation experience, we conduct this in a one on one setting. You will meet with one of our certified coaches. This will get you prepared for the group classes. 
  • This introduction will leave you set and ready to take the plunge into a healthy, stronger, fitter you. You will begin with a full assessment, progress through the movements, establish some early goals, and leave with an understanding of your progressions, abilities, and work to do pre and post workout to ensure a safer journey. 
  • When you have successfully completed the Orientation, you will be fully allowed to participate in our group classes. Every class completes the same workout each day, so you will have plenty of options for classes that work around your schedule. 
  • The cost for Orientation is $40. If a spouse, family member, or friend want to go through together, the price per person will be reduced.
  • When you are ready to take your understanding of the CrossFit movements to a deeper level, we recommend completing our Foundations course. This is three one on one sessions that go into the progression of all the CrossFit movements. The cost for the Foundations course is $100. If a spouse, family member, or friend want to go through together, the price per person will be reduced.