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Bear’s Den Fitness is a CrossFit affiliated gym. We take pride in the fundamentals that CrossFit provides through constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Every day is a different workout that can be customized to your abilities and comfort level. We use safe, effective, and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life. The workout intensity levels are adjusted to work you towards a safely improved fitness.

We love our Bear’s Den family and Boyertown community. After attending your first class you will know that you are supported, not only by our coaches, but by all the members of the class. 

We are dedicated to improving the health and fitness of the Boyertown community. We love being involved with different Boyertown events and we encourage you to volunteer your time to be involved with us.

We have a strong love for improving the health and fitness of our community’s youth. Coach Jeff has been the Community Coordinator of the Healthy Kids Running Series of Boyertown since the Fall of 2017. Over the years, this program has included over one thousand different runners. Our CrossFit Kids class teaches kids about functional movements, running techniques, and provides a fun fitness atmosphere. This class is great as a foundation for any and all sports your kid’s take part in.



We want to take a moment to write about the Bear’s Den Fitness coaching staff. We believe that coaching is critical to your experience and is something that differentiates us. Anyone can become a Crossfit coach by meeting all the requirements of a Level 1 Certification seminar. That certificate is only the foundation for our coaches. We strive to hold our coaches to a higher standard. Each member of the staff is chosen for their ability to engage with athletes of all levels, their ability to teach athletes to perform movements safely, their enthusiasm for building the Bear’s Den community, and their passion for learning and building their own technical expertise.